Walking to the lodging area, you will enjoy the natural scenery and colorful façades. At night, look at the clear sky (usually star-filled) which shelters the city of San Felipe... and wake up in the morning with the sweet twittering of the birds that visit us.The names of our rooms were inspired by some regions of our beautiful Yaracuy State.

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Suite Momentos


Farriar, Guama, Urachiche y Nirgua are four spacious, comfortable suites in a two-story structure. They were named for different regions of our beautiful state of Yaracuy. White predominates in the room decoration to guarantee the rest of our guests.

Farriar and Guama, located in the upper level of the building, offer a panoramic view of the inn and mountainous area of the city of San Felipe from their balconies.       


Nirgua and Urachiche, on the ground floor, offer the peaceful view of the surrounding gardens from their terraces.


Their balconies and terraces were designed thinking about the enjoyment of the natural breeze of the placid mornings and Yaracuyan evenings.


The impeccable maintenance and decorative details of the bathrooms will make you feel like you are at home.





Cabin-style rooms 


The beautiful little houses, Cumaripa and Aroa, surrounded by beautiful extensive gardens, make you think of rustic cabins in the country. Sleep with open windows protected with screens or enjoy the quiet air conditioning.


These cozy cabins are equipped with one king size bed and one twin size bed of 1.00 meter wide, remote control air conditioning, ceiling fan and all the tasteful decorative details that will allow you to feel the freshness, the harmony and the comfort for a full revitalizing rest


The decoration and cleanliness of the in the cabins’ bathrooms is another sign of affection.



Rooms in the main house  


We feel attached to them because they were part of our beginning as Posada Granja Momentos. They are two adjoining rooms with a bathroom between them.


Yumare reflects in detail the warmth of home, harmonized with a lovely garden view.



Boraure provides an overview of the pool, in addition to the refreshing sound of water from the fountain.  


The cozy shared bathroom keeps the image of a family bathroom.




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