Enjoy the natural landscape that permeates the whole place. In our restaurant surrounded by beautiful gardens, savor a tasty meal with the flavor and quality that can only be achieved at home.



Amidst this scenario, the refreshing pool, just like the entire inn, is supplied by water from a spring at the foot of the mountain. Feel the pleasure of these pristine waters under the splendid sun of Yaracuy and appreciate the noble contribution of nature in works of walls, the fountain, borders and stairs built with local stone.


Our main desire is that you relax and feel at home. Thinking about your tranquility, we incorporated our lodging in a section away from the restaurant and pool. Two cabin-style rooms, four suites, and two rooms in the main house will make you feel, each in its style, the benefits of the country with the comfort of the city. All of them have details that will make your visit to Posada Granja Momentos a great experience you will always remember.

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The contact with nature is the most significant attraction of our inn. The fertile land of Yaracuy give life to all that is planted in it. Delicious fruits include avocados, oranges, tangerines, lemons and bananas. Beautiful ornamental plants, among which include pansies, platanillos, staff of the emperor and bird of paradise flowers beautify and highlight our gardens. Not only that, they are the delight of small birds that have made Granja Momentos their safe haven.


 Another attraction of the region is its crafts, a gift from the hand of the man who awakens the pride of being Venezuelan, with primitive roots in the work of clay pottery and basketry. In the town of Guama, near San Felipe, our craftsmen transform the wild cane into beautiful baskets for diverse uses. A little further away, you will find the small town of Camunare where true artists invent the most typical creations with clay (pots, griddles, ovens for arepas, lamps, among others), even awakening the creative spirit of visitors. In Sabana de Parra you will find wood carvings of precious angels and saints in bright colors, created by renowned artist Mary Yolanda Medina and her family. In the craft store of our inn, you will find the art of these and other recognized Venezuelan artisans.



Panoramic Views


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