For us, it is especially important that you know what we are doing in this lovely part of Venezuela.Caracas, where we were born, remains as a memory of our lives. Coming from there, we wanted doing everything right now in San Felipe. Therefore, our inn has experienced significant growth since its founding in 1997. Since its origin and during its development we had the financial support of the Tourism Department of Yaracuy State.


To transform the house that was our home since 1992 into a tourist lodge without losing the warmth and familiarity has not been easy. However, we have been fortunate to have among our guests a large number of people who love peace, quiet and simple things, and they have helped us to acquire the confidence to know that we were on the right track.

Opening the doors of our home, making everyone feel at home and sharing it as if we were old friends is part of the beauty of this work. The words of encouragement and stimulus of our guests have achieved the miracle of our becoming architects, decorators, cooks, chiefs of protocol and all these roles to be fulfilled by us to claim the complete satisfaction of the visitor.

The design of this web site is the result of hard work of our dear friend Carlos José Monzón and Adriana, his wife. And its content has been extensively revised and updated by my dear sister Dora Ovalles, who is always looking for continuous improvement.

Everything we do each day goes towards your satisfaction and that of your family..


Thank you for visiting us...


Aura Ovalles y Efraín Pérez


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