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  1. How much is the lodging in the Inn?
  2. What does a cabin have on the inside?
  3. What can I do in San Felipe?
  4. When to make a reservation?
  5. Do I need to make a deposit in order to guarantee my reservation? And… What happens if I am not able to go?
  6. Do the prices include the meals?
  7. What time should guests arrive? And, What time should they depart?
  8. What should I take with me?
  9. Can I bring my pet?
  10. What if I have one more question?

What does a cabin have in the inside?

Our cabins are like small houses equipped in their interior with the comfort and beauty of a room. We can accommodate double, triple and even quadruple (bunk + 2 twins), they have private baths and hot water.  More details.

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What can I do in San Felipe?

San Felipe is a small city, well kept, with very warm people. It is an Ideal place for those who love peace and tranquility. In addition to what we offer in our Inn, you can visit "The Archaeological Park San Felipe El Fuerte" (with centennial trees and the ruins left by the 1812 earthquake that destroyed the city),  "The exotic Plants Garden Park","Mission of our Lady of The Carmen" "The Leonor Bernabo Park" and the moderm Museum "Carmelo Fernández", in whose rooms shown in the form permanent works of renowned national artists and universal, as well as sculptures of large format. Also, you will be able to visit other Inns, "The Mythical Mountain of Sorte", (decreed Natural Monument), Churches, the town of Guama's craftmen (basketwork), from Camunare (clay) and, from Savana de Parra (wood figures), Where you will be able to appreciate the wonders that The Medina family elaborates. Only an hour from San Felipe is the well- known artisan town of Tintorero in The Lara State. 

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When to make a reservation?

Contact us as soon as you have made your decision to visit us. Our eight rooms are waiting for you. Use our system of reservation online, that with pleasure we have made available for you.

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Do I need to make a deposit in order to guarantee my reservation? And… What happens if I am not able to go?

The deposit is necessary and must be made in the Bank of the Caribbean, (Banco del Caribe) checking account number 270-067907, order to: Posada Granja Momentos, by the total amount of the reservation. . In case of cancellations, your deposit will be refunded in full, only if you contact us in advance at least 15 days before the reservation date. Due this term it will be our pleasure to change your reservation for the date that you indicate us. Don't forget that you can use our system of reservation online. If you wish to know which agency from the bank of the Caribbean (Banco del Caribe) is the nearest to your locality you could visit and access to "Agencias". Attention: Now you can also pay your reservation with credit card Visa or MasterCard from the comfort of your house through our exclusive system of payment online. The safety of the transaction is guaranteed by the Mercantil Bank (Banco Mercantil).

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Do the prices include the Meals?

We have not wanted to work under this scheme, because we have always preferred that our guests feel total freedom at the time of deciding where to eat. Our prices in the Hut are accessible and we are sure that this modality is the best option.

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What time should guests arrive and what time should they depart?

The check in time is at 2:00 p.m. or before if we don't have a guest in your room, nevertheless, if one arrives before the scheduled time, you can start enjoying our facilities. Check out time is at 12 m.

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What should I take with me?

Besides from desires of having a great time you must bring your towel to be used at the swimming pool, comfortable shoes (if you wish to go hiking to the hill near the adjacencies of the INN) photographic camera, repellent (Just in case of any insect) hat or cap, floaters for your children, bathing suit, hair dryer and snacks. (chips, candy, chocolate bars etc). Our bath rooms are provided with shampoo dispensers, body gel, and liquid hand soap.

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¿Can I bring my pet?

No. we love animals, that's why we have dogs at the INN, which, in spite of being friendly with humans, they may not be friendly with other animals that they are not familiar with. Well, you know… territoriality behavior.. However we can assure you that you will love our pets.

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